Why Become a Member?

Organizations and individuals join RICOWI to provide support for unique roofing industry programs, to become part of a professional group with shared interests and ideas, to have the opportunity to participate in hail and hurricane investigation programs and to encourage and coordinate industry research projects.

At our meetings, information from each industry segment, from people that are involved, is presented and discussed. As a member, you will be given an opportunity to provide a report at the meeting on any industry related issue and get feedback from the participants. Shared data and test results helps the organizations understand the dynamics of more wind and weather resistant performance for their products. You can bring your knowledge or concern to another group of experts. They can peer review your ideas, suggest tests or procedures, or confirm that you are headed in the right direction. This interaction with other roofing professionals may help your organization to get the data it needs for future support in code or regulatory areas.

Sponsor Members

Industry associations who represent the manufacturing, design, consulting for, installation of, or the insuring of roofs and/or roof related products or represent other professional services in connection with roofs and related concerns.

Affiliate Members

Any person, or individual representative of a firm, institute, manufacturer, corporation, or other entity that has an interest in roofs and roofing-related products.

Lifetime Achievement Honorary Members

Have distinctive accomplishments in roof system engineering, wind science, program development, research and those allied pursuits beneficial to the organization as demonstrated by executive leadership in our corporation. This is the highest honor bestowed by RICOWI for extraordinary meritorious service.

Education Members

Any person, or individual representative of a college or university or other academic organization that has an interest in roofs or roof related products.

Benefits of Membership

Sponsor Members have a voting representative on the RICOWI Board of Directors. The Board reviews and approves the business of the organization and the publications emanating from RICOWI.

All members receive reduced registration rates for RICOWI workshops and seminars. Members also have the benefit of RICOWI website links to increase awareness of their business.

You also have the opportunity to participate in two powerful programs: (1) the Wind Investigation Program (WIP) launched in 1996 and (2) the Hail Investigation Program (HIP) launched in 2004.

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RICOWI is an International Roofing Conference Education Partner

RICOWI is an International Roofing Conference Education Partner

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