RICOWI to Investigate Hail Roof Damage in DFW Metroplex Area

For Immediate Release

New Franklin, OH
19 Apr 2016

Contact: Joan Cook - RICOWI Executive Director
(330) 671-4569
Contact: John Gimple - HIP Chair
(303) 423-4402

The Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues, Inc. (RICOWI, Inc.) has announced deployment of research teams to the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex hail damaged areas. The teams will be conducting the investigation from May 2, 2016 – May 6, 2016.

RICOWI is a non-profit international organization that has implemented a strategic plan for a Hail Investigation Program (HIP). The purpose of the research program is:

  • To investigate the field performance of roofing assemblies after major hail storms
  • To factually describe roof assembly performance and modes of damage
  • To formally report the results for substantiated hail events

Hail Task Force Chair John Gimple said, "The data collected will provide unbiased detailed information on the hail resistance of low slope and steep slope roofing systems from credible investigative teams. We can expect a greater industry understanding of what causes roofs to perform or fail in hail storms, leading to overall improvements in roof system durability, the reduction of waste generation from re-roofing activities, and a reduction in insurance losses that will lead to lower overall costs for the public."

RICOWI investigated the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in 2011. During this investigation over 100 hail damaged roofs were included in the research. RICOWI, Inc. is again reaching out to the local governments, businesses and the residents to help with this important research project by volunteering their hail damaged roofs for the research project. All information is kept confidential and is used strictly for research purposes. Reports of past research are available for no charge on the website. If you are interested in volunteering your roof, please contact RICOWI at: jcook@ricowi.com.

The published findings will document roofing systems that fail or survive major hail events and provide educational materials for roofing professionals to design hail-resistant roofing systems.

RICOWI members include major roofing associations and members of academia, educational and testing facilities and others involved in the science of roofing.

RICOWI's website (www.ricowi.com) provides additional detail on RICOWI's Hail and Wind Investigation Programs. Reports of past research are available for no charge on the website.

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RICOWI is an International Roofing Conference Education Partner

RICOWI is an International Roofing Conference Education Partner

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